CSF 2018 (Newfoundland)

Affiliated with the 2018 Canadian Surgery Forum
Canadian Assocation of General Surgeons
Delta St. John’s Hotel, St. John’s, Newfoundland
The Canadian Surgery Forum (CSF) has partnered with the Canadian Oncoplastic Partnership Group (COPG) to draw attention to this workshop for any CSF delegates interested in learning more about oncoplastic surgery.

The Oncoplastic Partnership Workshop Group are pleased to provide a full day of oncoplastic breast surgery taught by experienced Canadian academic and community breast surgeons/ surgical oncologists. Learn techniques and procedures to enhance breast conserving surgery, cosmesis and oncologic outcome for your breast cancer patients! Learn tips and tricks of billing codes and how to have a mutually beneficial relationship with your plastic surgeon. Please join us for live videos, interactive sessions, live breast model marking sessions. This course has sold out at previous conferences so don’t delay! Includes reception at the end of the course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the principles, levels, benefits and indications of oncoplastic surgery.
  • Describe the benefits and outcomes of oncoplastic breast conservation.
  • Explain the indications and the technique of donut/binelli mastopexy.
  • Describe the indications and technique of the raquet mammoplasty.
  • Describe the indications, benefits, types, techniques and outcomes of therapeutic reduction mammoplasty.
  • Interpret the potential complications of oncoplastic techniques and how to resolve them.
  • Identify use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy as an integral part of optimal surgical management for breast cancer.
  • Summarize the role of good mastectomy techniques and the efficient ways to work well with your plastic surgeon.
  • Compare interesting cases and outcomes that were achieved with oncoplastic surgery
  • Interpret how to get appropriately remunerated for oncoplastic breast surgery


7:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
7:30 AM Welcome
Dr. Jeannie Richardson
7:40 AM Oncoplastics Breast Surgery: Basic Concepts and How to Maximize Breast Conserving Surgery
Dr. Angel Arnaout
8:10 AM Breast Anatomy
Dr. Marianna Kapala
8:30 AM Level I: Basic Oncoplastics You can Do Tomorrow: Deepithelialization and Approximation
Dr. Marianna Kapala
9:00 AM More Level I: Crescent Mastopexy
Dr. Angel Arnaout
9:20 AM All Questions and Discussion
9:30 AM Level 2: Oncoplastics You Can Learn Easily: Round block
Dr. Jeannie Richardson
10:00 AM More Level 2 Oncoplastics: Racquet Technique
Dr. Jeannie Richardson
10:30 AM All Questions and Discussion
10:45 AM BREAK
11:00 AM How to do the Nicest Mastectomy (including the Goldilocks Technique)
Dr. Angel Arnaout
11:30 AM Nipple Sparing Mastectomy: Principles, Techniques and Immediate Reconstruction
Dr. Muriel Brackstone
12:00 PM Who’s OR Time Do You Use? How to Work Well with Your Plastic Surgeon for Breast Reconstruction and Oncoplastics
Dr. Muriel Brackstone
12:15 PM Questions and Discussion
12:30 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM Level III Oncoplastic Principles and Techniques: Therapeutic Reduction Mammoplasty
Dr. Renee Hanrahan
1:30-3:30 SMALL GROUPS
Each station 30 minutes, 4 groups of 9 learners, groups set according to Oncoplastic level (pre-course survey)

  • Breast Marking – Live patient session
    Dr. Renee Hanrahan
  • How I Do It – De-Epithelialization (video and discussion)
    Dr. Jeannie Richardson
  • Case Discussions – Indications and Oncoplastic Patient Selection
    Drs. Angel Arnaout and Marianna Kapala
  • How I Do It – Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (video and discussion)
    Dr. Muriel Brackstone
3:45 PM Oncoplastic Surgery Can Have Complications
Dr. Renee Hanrahan
4:15 PM How to Get Properly Remunerated: Tips and Tricks with Dictation and Billing
Dr. Muriel Brackstone
4:35 PM All Questions and Discussion
4:50 PM Incorporating Oncoplastics Into Your Practice: You Can Do It Starting Monday!
Dr. Jeannie Richardson
5:00 PM Wrap Up and Evaluation


Cost: $699 per person


This workshop is eligible for RCPSC MOC Section 2 credits.


Please refer to Canadian Surgery Forum website for registration.


2018 Canadian Surgery Forum
Delta St. John’s Hotel
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